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Prophet Abraham builds the Kaaba and performs Hajj


Qur'an  Sura / Chapter: Al Hajj 22: 26 - 29


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Dove  ss

Behold! We gave the site

To Ibrahim, of the (Sacred) House,

(Saying): "Associate not anything

(In worship) with Me;

And sanctify My House

For those who compass it round

Or stand up

Or bow, or prostrate themselves

(Therein in prayer).



"And proclaim the Pilgrimage

Among men: they will come

To thee on foot and (mounted)

On every kind of camel,

Lean on account of journeys

Through deep and distant

Mountain highways;



"That they may witness

The benefits (provided ) for them,

And celebrate the name

Of God, through the Days

Appointed, over the cattle

Which He has provided for them

(For sacrifice): then eat ye

Thereof and feed the distressed

Ones in want.



"Then let them complete

The rites prescribed

For them, perform their vows,

And (again) circumambulate

The Ancient House."



Qur'an  Surah Al Hajj 22: 26 - 29

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The Prophet Ibrahim builds the Kaaba and performs Hajj


The rites of the Hajj were laid down by Allah to mark historic events in the life of Prophet Ibrahim, which show his absolute and total submission to the will of Allah. Allah commanded the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), on one of his visits to see Haajar and Ishmael, to build the House of God (the Holy Kaaba). With the help of his son Ishmael, Ibrahim built the House of God on the ground where the Kaaba stands to this day.


The Archangel Gabriel brought from Paradise a stone, known as the Black Stone (Al-Hajar Al-Aswad), which was set into one corner of the Kaaba.


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